Top 15 Most Comfortable & Luxurious Airports In the World



Being an avid traveler, I have been to numerous airports from around the globe. While some are just basic and gets its job done, others outdo themselves in regards to the luxuries and facilities they provide. While some have been spotlessly clean, others might have needed another round of mopping. However, the mind-blowing airports that we talk about in this list won’t leave you a chance to complain about anything, be it facilities or cleanliness.

1. Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Starting off with the one stunning airport that has been on top of the list for consecutive 6 years for its amazing luxuries! The Singapore Changi Airport not only stuns you with jaw-dropping architecture, soothing indoor waterfalls and an outstanding butterfly garden, but it also is equipped with top-notch luxuries such as a free cinema theatre all 24*7 and a swimming pool to get rid of some of the jet lag in between flights. A tour around the terrific airport with delicacies from open-air restaurants is an added bonus.