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Top 15 Most Comfortable & Luxurious Airports In the World

Being an avid traveler, I have been to numerous airports from around the globe. While some are just basic and gets its job done, others outdo themselves in regards to the luxuries and facilities...

Do You Want to Choose Mediocrity or Luxury?

Join us in this exciting journey where we’ll show you how you can find more luxury for your money. Our industrial world is churning out products with dizzying speed, and the smashing marketing and the popular...

5 Countries With The Most Expensive Homes

Everyone would fancy living in a luxurious home if they can afford it. While this is true, there are some countries or places where luxury homes are generally expensive.  These expensive homes offer you security and enchanting...

5 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Almost everyone goes on a vacation once in a while to either get off work, get away from certain people, or just to spend time with a special person. Different hotels in different places around the...

15 World’s Most Expensive Cities

Trying to figure out where what city you want to explore to for the next chapter in your life? Or maybe you have already checked out a collection of living costs from online surveys...