5 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World



Almost everyone goes on a vacation once in a while to either get off work, get away from certain people, or just to spend time with a special person. Different hotels in different places around the world tend to offer an affordable vacation to whoever is interested in such an offer. 

However, the wealthy, and I mean the super-rich folks aren’t having any of that. For them, a vacation is a time to enjoy all the luxury that money can buy – and in the most luxurious hotels!

If you are curious about some of the most popular luxury hotels where the affluent spend their vacations, then follow closely. You’re on the right page. 

1. Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji


The archipelago country is not only home to some of the most enchanting islands in the world, but also some of the most luxurious hotels where the affluent spend their vacations. Laucala Island Resort is one of the most expensive hotels in the country. It is visible atop the green hills and from there; you can select suitable luxury villas from where you would have a clear view of the enchanting island.

It is quite expensive picking any of the luxury villas, but you would have a chance to visit the popular Delano estate, have your own chauffeur, a private cook, and a nanny. You can also engage in activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

2. Ty Warner Penthouse  (The Four Season Hotel), NY


New Yorkers should be more familiar with this name – The Four Season Hotel and should know it is a place of total luxury. Although you will have to spend as much as $60,000 for a night, the experience seems to be worth the hassle.

Enjoy the beauty of a room furnished with materials using Japanese silk, Chinese onyx, and rock crystal. From the large rooms, you can get a clear view of the city of Manhattan. Other perks of booking a place in this lavish hotel is a chauffeured Rolls-Royce, a trainer and as much wine as you can handle!

3. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva


Affluent folks like Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, singer Rihanna and Bill Gates have at one point, used this suite as their vacation destination. The suite was named in honor of the 28th POTUS and from here; the whole Geneva Lake is visible.

Going at about $80,000 per night, this top floor suite has bulletproof glass windows, 12 bedrooms (each having its own bathroom), a Jacuzzi, a billiard room and a telescope mounted on the terrace. For musically inclined folks, the Steinway grand in the living room is a great deal! Luxury I must say.

4. The Grand Penthouse, Mark Hotel, NY


 Talk about the largest suite in the whole country, Mark Hotel, New York is where it is. The hotel interior was designed by legendary Jacque Grange, with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 4 fireplaces amongst other features. The central park and the metropolitan museum of art can be visible from the terrace on the rooftop of this apartment. You’d also have your personal chef; all these luxuries come at a price of around $100,000 per night.

5. Lovers Deep Submarine, St Lucia


Do you fancy going on a getaway with your significant other in a submarine?  If you can afford a staggering $150,000 a night, then you should book a place at the luxurious Lovers Deep Submarine- the costliest price you can get for hotel accommodation. You’d be amazed by the perks of booking a place here – personal chef, a captain, speed boats for emergencies, and a helicopter for transfers! Your captain can drive you as far off the coasts of St. Lucia and to the Red Sea!

If you have more than a few bucks to splash on luxury, well this is one experience you wouldn’t want to miss.