Top 5 Men’s Suit Makers



When on suits, men always look classy, and as the women folk would tag it, sexy.  Thing is, there are some cool suits that turn heads when you walk around in your workplace or visit the airport in them.

And men always have this tendency to want to show off when they have such fortunes on their backs. Some proud men will always find a way to let everyone know the quality of suit that he’s wearing. If you have ever heard anyone bragging about their suit, and your mind wandered to the top suit makers, here are the top five men’s suit makers.

1. Caraceni

 The ‘kudos’ for the establishment of this company goes to Domenico Caraceni. He is known as the father of Italian tailoring and rightly so. He opened a small shop in Rome in 1913 alongside his two brothers, they founded the Caraceni brand. The brand has its trademark product as the double-breasted jacket.

This suit brand has been favored by popular big shots like Yves Saint Laurent, Humphrey Bogart, Gianni Agnelli, and others.

2. Gieves and Hawkes


Gieves and Hawkes Suits Companyis located on Savile Row and is arguably the oldest suit manufacturers in the world. The company has catered for the suit needs of the British army, Royal Navy and other fashion inclined men right from 1771 till date.

Popular figures who have patronized this company include David Beckham, Charlie Chaplin, Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill and many more.

3. Cifonneli

The founder, Giuseppe Cifonneli began his suit-making career in 1880 but it was his offspring Arturo who learned the trade in London that took over his father’s company.

The question of having a suit that is body fitting and loose enough for the unhindered movement was answered by Arturo’s Cifonneli cut. Today, the company is located in Paris and it is Arturo’s grandsons Lorenzo and Massimo who are in charge of its management.

4. Ascot Chang


Ascot Chang learned the trade under a Chinese shirt maker before he relocated to HongKong. In 1953, he opened his shop and by then he was making just custom shirts for his clients.

Present day, Ascot Chang has shops everywhere including Manila and New York. The company still continues to make custom shirts, suits, pajamas, and many more.

5. William Fioravanti


The founder of this company has tailoring running in his veins. He is a descendant of Neapolitan tailors. He is also the president of the CTDAA (Custom Tailors Designers Association of America).

That’s not all; he has also been awarded the ‘Golden Scissors’ in Italy – an award put together by the Academy of Masters Tailors. His office is in Manhattan, very close to Central Park.