This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Closer At The Hole



What do you think of when you imagine living the American dream? For most, this means having a huge home with a large front yard for weekend BBQs and a safe space for our kids and pets to round around.

Wayne Martin, a seemingly normal man but with crazy ambitions, thought differently. Although he had a home, he wanted to undergo a project that would really set his property apart from the rest. So, like any person sane person, he started digging. And digging and digging.

It was obvious to Wayne’s neighbors that he was slowly losing is marbles, but who has the guts to tell a man that his mental health is waning? But as time went on, Wayne’s plan became more and more apparent. There’s a fine line between genius and crazy, and Wayne dug a path between them. Keep reading to find out what Wayne Martin did with this monstrous hole in his yard.

1. What in the world?


Digging a large hole in your yard doesn’t seem that out-of-the-ordinary. You’d probably think that your neighbor is installing an underground pool – the exact thought that went through Wayne’s neighbors’ collective minds. But he had no plans to fill the hole with water. But before he executed the digging portion of his project, he bought something that made him the envy of all DIY-ers in the world – a 20-foot metal shipping container.