They Paid What?! The Cost Of These Celebrity Mansions Will Make Your Jaw Drop



Celebrities are blessed with lives that we commoners can only dream of. Some of these celebs earn per week more than what commoners earn annually. Hence, they are also at the liberty to splurge on every materialis assets that they set their eyes on. From shiny cars to mansions with helipads, they have it all to their name. But every now and them, we come across a celeb with such extravagant assets that we are simply blown away. Today we are interestingly going to explore a list of such jaw dropping buys.

1. Lester Holt – Est. $6.4 Million, Manhattan, New York


Lester made a smart move when he invested in this property back in the day in 2007. This abode is fancy as it gets with marble flooring adorning even the bathroom. We consider it a smart investment as Lester was able to sell the property recently for double the price which is undoubtedly a pretty great deal. As a regular journalist and news anchor for NBC, he has made sure to keep his savings account up to date in order to ever face bankruptcy.