NBA Legends With Regular Jobs



NBA players make millions of dollars in their careers but at some point in time, they have to retire. Some are unable to stay away from the spotlight while others are able to start a quiet second life. Some have managed to get regular jobs, owning businesses that are not in any way related to sports while others are in a way related to the sport they loved so much. Their stories are incredibly interesting. Here is the list of NBA stars with regular jobs.

1. LaRue Martin- Community Service Manager For UPS


LaRue Martin was part of the first overall pick taken in the 1972 NBA Draft. He was so full of potential then but four years into his career, it started to dry up. Soon after that, he was out of the league and needed to earn a living somehow. He decided to take up an entry level job at UPS. LaRue was very patient in his job and it finally paid off. He was named the Community Services Manager in 2005. Aside from that, he also works on the Board of Directors for the National Basketball Retired Players Association.