Do You Want to Choose Mediocrity or Luxury?


Join us in this exciting journey where we’ll show you how you can find more luxury for your money.

Our industrial world is churning out products with dizzying speed, and the smashing marketing and the popular social media lay such a powerful push on us that we many times feel we are not trendy enough, not gorgeous enough, our car is too old, our television is too small, etc.

You might just run through your days and weeks following your everyday routine, buying and consuming the same old staff. However, with a little consciousness you literally can change the way you live.

With our 15 brilliant ideas of affordable luxuries you can get the life of kings. Sit back for a minute, close your eyes, imagine what you really long for. Ready? Let’s start the game.

1. Dine on oysters and champagne at a fine oyster bar


How about having a romantic night shucking and sipping oysters with a glass of bubbling champagne in a fine restaurant? Just skip your Venti latte for a week, and you already can afford it. Just imagine: isn’t it better sometimes to have the morning coffee in bed, at home, then dress up fancy at the end of the week and collect some memorable moments? It sounds a win-win for me.