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The splendid living quarters and accommodations the World’s Elite enjoys.

They Paid What?! The Cost Of These Celebrity Mansions Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Celebrities are blessed with lives that we commoners can only dream of. Some of these celebs earn per week more than what commoners earn annually. Hence, they are also at the liberty to splurge...

Do You Want to Choose Mediocrity or Luxury?

Join us in this exciting journey where we’ll show you how you can find more luxury for your money. Our industrial world is churning out products with dizzying speed, and the smashing marketing and the popular...

5 Countries With The Most Expensive Homes

Everyone would fancy living in a luxurious home if they can afford it. While this is true, there are some countries or places where luxury homes are generally expensive.  These expensive homes offer you security and enchanting...

15 Richest People Worldwide

According to Forbes, there are more than 2,200 billionaires in the world today and is expected to grow even more. Based on estimates by researchers, the world's richest people are either tech CEO's or heiresses to expert...

15 Things Only Rich People Do

When people talk about rich people, they think about all the things they can do with their earned cash. Rich people can buy or do things with their money or power that middle or poor class...

15 Extreme Sports for Wealthy People

When was the last time you paid for insurance while playing basketball or baseball? There are several crazy sports out there for the more fortunate (by fortunate, we mean stinkin’ rich) to enjoy which...