5 Most Expensive Hairstylists in the World



Wealthy folks tend to have problems spending their money wisely. They are often caught splashing heavy bucks on something an average individual wouldn’t pay as much for. From clothes to shoes to food – you name it.

One surprising part is their haircut. Do you know how much celebrities and wealthy individuals pay to get their custom haircut? Bet an average person might even get something better at a much lower price! However, it doesn’t matter. Since there are high demands for the celebrity hair stylists, these specialists charge ridiculous fees and have the right to do so. To make matters worse, these wealthy folks just feel alright paying such exorbitant fees to stand out or belong.

Below is a good read of some of the stylists who charge extravagant fees and how much.

1.  Orlando Pita

Orlando Pita is a celebrity hair stylist who has held the high-flying Hollywood reps to ransom. While celebs like Julia Roberts and Julianne Moore have made this stylist popular, he charges a staggering $800 per session in his Manhattan shop.

 2. Ted Gibson


The ‘What Not to Wear’ star charges a staggering $1,200 for his services. It was originally $950 but because of his expertise and status, he thought making a raise would be the right thing. However, that didn’t deter most celebrities from demanding his services.  Ask Anne Hathaway or Renee Zellweger.

3. Rossano Ferretti


Ferretti is popular for being the hairstylist of many of Hollywood’s big shots, including Angelina Jolie. On his way to fame, he worked with runway models and on fashion shows for the likes of Dior and Armani.

Ferretti is popular for his unique approach to hair styling, producing face-flattering results. Could be the reason he charges $1,600 per haircut.

4. Stuart Phillips


Stuart is a British-born hairstylist with a client base including Jean Claude Van Damme, Del Toro, and Jamie Oliver. Real estate businessman Beverley Lateo once booked the stylist for a whole day in what involved lunch, head massage, flight ticket, and limo service. The total price amounted to $16,000 and the Italian splashed the cash!

5. Ken Modestou

The Sultan of Brunei – Huffingtonpost

Ken Modestou is the favorite personal stylist of the Sultan of Brunei.  Although he has his shop in London (Dorchester Hotel precisely), he flies to Asia every few weeks just to give the sultan a haircut and this expenses amount to a whopping $23,000. Incredible!