5 Countries With The Most Expensive Homes


Everyone would fancy living in a luxurious home if they can afford it. While this is true, there are some countries or places where luxury homes are generally expensive.  These expensive homes offer you security and enchanting views of the country’s skyline, natural environments like lakes, mountains, and more.

Are you into real estate and a bit curious as to where the expensive properties in the world are located?

Read on and let us show you 5 of the most expensive properties all around the world and where they are located.

1. United States


This is the number one country with lots of expensive properties/homes. Take the Playboy Mansion in California as a typical example. Here, there are different parties and movie producers’ use it as a location for their films. The 12-bedroom estate is placed at a price of $200 million and was the home of the late founder of the Playboy Magazine till his passing in 2017.

2. United Kingdom


There is a home built in the traditional style in the UK, London precisely. It is a townhouse with 7-bedrooms and has a number of crystal chandeliers, domed ceiling carvings, and an indoor pool. Although to own this property, you would have to part with $79 million.

3. Spain


Spain also has its fair share of luxury homes. There is a mansion right on the hilltop in Mallorca from where you can have unhindered views of the oceans. The 26,000 sq.ft building incorporates several ceiling-to-floor windows and eight bedrooms. It can only be afforded for a whopping $54 million.

4. UAE


The United Arab Emirate is a hub of luxury properties especially in Dubai, where there is this eight-bedroom property that goes for $37 million. The property has patterned walls, coffered ceilings, pools (both indoor and outdoor) an elevator and both yoga and sauna rooms.

5. Switzerland


There is this property in Switzerland that lies just in between Lausanne and Geneva. This country estate is surrounded by beautiful parkland, fireplace, wooden beams and it incorporates six bedrooms. It is said to go for $36 million.