15 Things Only Rich People Do



When people talk about rich people, they think about all the things they can do with their earned cash. Rich people can buy or do things with their money or power that middle or poor class people can’t do or would never have thought of doing. In this list, we are going to cover 15 things only rich people do with their extra disposable income.

1. Own their own emergency operating room


In this world, there exist people that have their own operating and or emergency room built inside their homes. The rooms are for people that don’t want to wait for their turn in a hospital’s waiting room.

2. Exploit services


Before 2013, Disney had a special kind of service that would allow the disabled to skip a line for a ride or event. However, the service was canceled due to some wealthy individuals would hire a disabled person to help skip the waiting line.

3. Buy kidnapping insurance


Rich people do tend to attract many strange and dangerous individuals that are willing to do anything to get a piece of their wealth. That’s why rich people get kidnapping insurance. There are two types of insurance. The first type of insurance is for the insurance company to pay for a given ransom by the intruders and the second choice is for the insurance company to hire a SWAT type of squad to handle the situation.

4. Hire a secretary for their secretary


A secretary’s job is thought to be very troubling as they have to manage their boss’s daily schedule, take calls, schedule meetings, handle appointments and events that take a ridiculous amount of time. When a secretary can’t handle the workload, the secretary hires their own secretary to their work for them.

5. Own/Invest in blue-chip stocks


Whereas the poor and middle-class people invest in a penny to maybe a few thousand-dollar stocks, rich people can invest in a much more expensive alternative called the blue-chip stocks. These blue-chip companies, like Google or Apple, stocks can cost more than $100,000 for one share of stock.

6. Buy stuff through luxurious E-Commerce sites


Have you ever been to eBay? Well, there is a type of “eBay” that caters only for the rich and wealthy called JamesEdition. JamesEdition contains items ranging from luxurious cars to real estate.

7. Carve their names on Earth


A Saudi Prince named Hamad is a perfect example for carving his name somewhere on Earth that can is visible from space. Prince Hamad paid a large sum of money to have his name carved onto his private island so people that use Google Earth- or maybe astronauts- can see his name in space.

8. Buy unique supplements


Pills are vitamins supplements or medicine that are used to help the body in certain beneficial ways. However, there are special kinds of pills that only rich people can afford that doesn’t do harm nor benefit the body. For example, there is a pill that turns the consumer’s feces gold. One of these pills cost $425.

9. Hire professional picture/art hangers


What many people don’t know is that when a rich person wants to hang their art or picture, they either don’t have the time or don’t the proper skill to nail the wall. The way rich people do this is by hiring a professional hanger to hang their art on their walls. These professionals do their best to adjust and fixate where the art or picture looks best in the house.

10. Hire a wealth psychologist


Rich people can sometimes think they have too much wealth on their hands, so they go out of their way to hire a Wealth Psychologist. These psychologists help ease the minds of the wealthy people where sometimes the wealthy would think negatively about what they have in life.

11. Buy unique phones


There are certain phones that cater to the needs of a wealthy person. That need is the need to own a unique phone that no one else owns. There are limited-edition phones that have certain functions that cannot be found in normal phones. These limited-edition phones can cost around $10,000.

12. Smoke special gold cigarettes

Cigars might be known as luxurious and large-sized cigarettes. However, there is nothing more luxurious than gold-filtered cigarettes. Russian gold-filtered cigarettes can cost more than $100,000 for a twelve-pack.

13. Own unique lifetime memberships


Back in the 1980s, airlines would offer something only the rich can afford which was a service for a lifetime of unlimited air travel in first class. To become a member of this service, it would cost $250,000 and inviting a guest onto a flight would add an extra $150,000. As of 2004, new members have to pay three million dollars to join the service.

14. Buy expensive luxuries they won’t ever enjoy


High-end registries are a service that allows people to purchase or pre-order something but keep the luxury in a safe vault provided by the registry. On the vault, the owner’s name is visible to all to see.

15. Commission Cars to their Taste

Wikimedia Commons

The Rolls Royce Sweptail was ordered by a real expert on luxury – a super-yacht specialist. Can you imagine how rich the guy can be, if he paid $12.8 Million for this one car? His excellent taste is expressed in the vehicle – the Coachbuild method, inspired by classic coaches that were assembled by hand in the early 1900s, allowed for his every wish and desire to come true.