15 Extreme Sports for Wealthy People



When was the last time you paid for insurance while playing basketball or baseball? There are several crazy sports out there for the more fortunate (by fortunate, we mean stinkin’ rich) to enjoy which require spending an insane amount of life insurance as well as equipment. Whether it’s the fact that you could die while participating in these sports that make them extreme or that you have to spend an extreme amount of cash to play, we may never know. Here are 15 extreme sports that you could enjoy on a moderate CEO’s salary.

1. Hot Air Ballooning


Granted, you may not find hot air balloons too exciting, but floating hundreds or even thousands of feet above the heads of everybody is undeniably extreme to the max. Now, add in the fact that you’re racing hundreds of other financially-capable people such as yourself across the world with nothing except whatever you can fit into a floating wicker basket and you’ve got yourself some pretty enjoyable times ahead.

2. Bobsledding


Bobsledding doesn’t just involve tying thousands of dollars in a sleigh, but you also need to fly to snowy places with bobsled tracks like Norway and Switzerland. Find two friends who can put work and their daily life aside to hop on your sleigh and get ready to travel downhill at speeds of more than 90 mph.

3. Wingsuit Flying


Have you ever dreamed of flying or at least falling with grace off a mountain? If you have $3,000 to spend, now you can! Sure, three grand is probably tissue paper by Bill Gates’ standards, but you’re not counting the cost of the equipment (about $5,000), plane tickets, accommodation, training costs, and the price to hire a professional trainer to guide you through the jumping-to-your-death-but-not-dying experience.

4. Formula Racing


There’s nothing like traveling hundreds of miles per hour on a circular track in a vessel with hardly any cushioning. If college tuition money is enough for a weekend splurge, then you could probably get into Formula Racing. All you need is cash, a car, cash, sponsorship, cash, and boredom for life. Did we mention the dangers of Formula racing? If not, the know this: it’s dangerous.

5. Skysurfing


Don’t be surprised to find many items on our list to involve jumping out of a plane or off a high place. For some reason, falling through the air is something that many people – rich and not-so-rich – are willing to spend thousands of dollars doing. Skysurfing is another extreme sport you can do if you have about $10,000 to spend. It’s basically like skydiving but you have a surfboard attached to your feet. Maybe the next thing we’ll see is snowshoe diving…

6. BASE Jumping


You can raise the risks of dying by jumping off tall buildings; a sport known as BASE jumping. It’s several times more dangerous than jumping out of a plane due to the lower altitude. There are several places in Asia with budget-friendly BASE jumping options (roughly $50 per suicide attempt), but there are certain licenses you need to possess which can add up to several thousands of dollars.

7. Scaling Mount Everest


Reaching the highest point of Mount Everest is a dream that many people had as children. However, after reaching adulthood and realizing that climbing the mountain means putting both your health and financial stability at risk, most of us abandoned that dream without a second thought. To climb Mount Everest, you’ll only need about 100 G’s for travel, training, equipment, and to hire a guide. You could save about $15,000 by ditching the guide and scaling the mountain on your own if you’d like.

8. Whitianga Festival of Speed


One day, some crazy-rich person had a dream of racing a helicopter and a car to see which would win. This, along with an assortment of similarly crazy sports, became part of a thing known as the Whitianga Festival of Speed. Basically, this festival includes boat racing, jetski racing, and showing off the helicopter you have on your helipad at home. If you’d like to participate but don’t have too much money, the festival has a sport for you – lawn mower racing.

9. Deep Sea Scuba Diving


Scuba diving may not seem so bad, right? After all, scuba diving is an activity offered to common tourists in Bali or the Bahamas. However, if you’re serious about the sport and are willing to spend upwards of $5,000 on a license, premium gear, oxygen (which is free if you stay on land, by the way), and have a few extra couple of thousands to spend on travel and accommodation, then extreme scuba diving is for you. This involves diving more than 150 feet below sea level in search of the sunken treasure or Atlantis.

10. Jai Alai


Finally, here’s a sport that perhaps we could play. It’s on land, it’s on a court, and it involves a ball – the three ingredients for what makes a sport a sport. Oh, also, the point of the sport is to send a ball several hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing it on a wall to make your opponent miss his or her catch. Getting hit by the ball can lead to major bruising and even death (yay). To play the sport, you only need a couple thousands of dollars for equipment, to travel to an accredited jai alai court, and life insurance (that darned thing again).

11 . Horseracing


When you think of horseracing, you probably think of snooty jockeys riding atop some poor beast for the entertainment of snooty jerks who bet thousands of dollars on which snooty jockey’s horse is the fastest. If you’d like to be a snooty jockey, all you need is a crazy amount of money to buy a horse, build a stable, feed the horse, and hire a trainer. There’s probably a cost of horse insurance in there as well.

12. Polo


If your racehorse proves to be too slow for the tracks, you can switch paths and join a polo team. Polo is a sport where people ride on horses while playing field hockey. It’s probably not as extreme as you’d like, and perhaps the only exciting thing to come out of it is when horses collide and riders get into fights. It is a form of hockey after all.

13. Skiing


Let’s go back to mountains for a second, or more accurately, sliding down mountains at high speeds. Skiing is an activity that many people can do, but only the rich can enjoy it year long. Flying to the Swiss mountains with premium gear, training, insurance, and accommodation can cost a pretty penny.

14. Heli-Skiing


While we’re talking about skiing, you can increase the cost – both to play the sport and to pay hospital bills – by jumping out of a helicopter before going downhill. The helicopter takes you to “uncharted” areas atop mountains without any of those sissy hazard warning. The rest is just skiing, but you first need to stick the landing, otherwise you’ll just end up tumbling off the mountain and straight into the morgue.

15. Rock Climbing


Climbing the side of a steep mountain can cost you more than just your life. Traveling and equipment costs can rack up to more than $2,000, and that’s not including hiring a pro to make sure you don’t fall to your death.