15 Extreme Sports for Wealthy People


When was the last time you paid for insurance while playing basketball or baseball? There are several crazy sports out there for the more fortunate (by fortunate, we mean stinkin’ rich) to enjoy which require spending an insane amount of life insurance as well as equipment. Whether it’s the fact that you could die while participating in these sports that make them extreme or that you have to spend an extreme amount of cash to play, we may never know. Here are 15 extreme sports that you could enjoy on a moderate CEO’s salary.

1. Hot Air Ballooning


Granted, you may not find hot air balloons too exciting, but floating hundreds or even thousands of feet above the heads of everybody is undeniably extreme to the max. Now, add in the fact that you’re racing hundreds of other financially-capable people such as yourself across the world with nothing except whatever you can fit into a floating wicker basket and you’ve got yourself some pretty enjoyable times ahead.